Silver Recovery & Recycling X-Rays

Betts Envirometal are the UK’s leading company for silver recovery and recycling.

Recovering silver from a broad range of wastes has been one of the core pillars of our business for over 250 years. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with silver recovery from virtually any source. Combining this experience with the latest refining equipment and techniques in our factories means that you can be assured of the best service and results from your wastes.

The specific recycling or recovery process that we use to collect or purify silver varies from one source to another. However, we specialise in recovering all the precious metal from silver bearing waste in-house in the UK. We also focus on utilising the most environmentally-friendly methodologies for our silver recovery. Not only is this the right thing to do, it also generates the best returns for our customers.

Betts Envirometal is the leading X Ray Film Recycler in the UK and this area demonstrates the benefits of our approach. Whilst most waste management businesses either export or incinerate this material, we process it chemically in the UK. This is not only the most efficient method of maximising silver returns, but also allows us to recycle the PET and paper elements of a film consignment and furthermore minimises environmental impact. This approach also ensures best practice in terms of data protection, as all records are securely destroyed by granulation before processing. As legislation around data retention can at times be onerous, we can also offer fully managed secure storage solutions for your X ray archives if you wish. We are accredited ISO9001  and ISO14001, giving you the assurance that you are dealing with an industry leading organisation. 

We reimburse companies for the quantity of silver recovered from their waste. Any collection, processing or storage charges can be offset against these rebates. In most cases, this allows our customers to turn a waste stream into another stream of revenue. Many new customers are surprised to achieve rebates from relatively low-grade silver-bearing wastes which had previously cost them money to dispose of.

We recycle all forms of X ray film, principally from the medical and industrial sectors. We are also able to recover silver from solutions (such as silver nitrate solutions and fixer), sludges, powders and components. If you have a silver-bearing waste, we believe we can almost certainly help you achieve a more profitable, efficient and environmentally sound solution, so please contact us on 01562 740 220 or email