Companies and organisations across the UK are focusing on recycling as a simple, cost-effective way to improve sustainability and meet waste legislation.

Our Business Recycling and Waste Services can help you to make the most of your waste. A FREE, no-obligation site audit will show you how to minimise your waste production, what materials you can recover and how to increase participation. We can also help you to identify resale or reuse opportunities for your recycled materials.

We offer an efficient national collection service using our own transport fleet. Our collection vehicles feature a secure tracking system so you always know where your waste is whilst it’s in transit and guarantees an instant and accurate record of the quantity of materials collected for recycling.

What Can Betts Envirometal Recycle?

  • Precious Metals: There are a wide range of precious metals found in healthcare and industrial wastes. Many are currently disposed of to landfill or incineration, particularly if they are only present in small amounts. Betts Envirometal can offer a complete recovery service for these metals. Some examples of precious metal bearing wastes suitable for recycling include x-ray film, dental amalgams, photographic fixer and developer, electroplating solutions, filter cakes, industrial effluent, incinerator ashes, catalytic converters, laboratory smalls and wound dressings.
  • Base Metals: With the vast array of metals utilised within the modern-day workplace, Betts Envirometal are able to collect and recycle a broad range of metals. Our service offering delivers competitive financial rebates coupled with first class service, providing your business with a stress-free financially rewarding solution for metal recovery. We are particularly interested in aluminium, copper, nickel, titanium, brass, stainless steel, ferrous scrap and non-ferrous scrap.
  • Paper and Card: Most businesses begin with paper and card recycling services. All paper and cardboard collected is processed for re-use. We particularly specialise in the collection and recycling of confidential waste and records.
  • Electrical equipment: Since the introduction of the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Directive, companies that produce WEEE have been obliged by law to finance its collection and recovery. Our service offers a safe, efficient way to recycle IT, office and telephone equipment 
  • Light Tubes: Fluorescent tubes can be a problematic waste stream for many businesses, being fragile and difficult to store. Betts Envirometal can safely collect and process this waste stream across the UK
  • Aerosol Cans & Ink Tins: Our environmental and waste management licences combined with our processing capabilities allow us to recycle these materials in-house

For your free site audit or to find out more about our recycling services, call 01562 740 220 or email