As a business you will generate waste and by law you have a legal requirement to deal with that waste but you also have a business requirement to effectively handle the waste by turning it into a value added resource which could become a new revenue stream.

Here at Betts Envirometal we are able to make waste handling even more cost effective for you as we remove the middle men (waste brokers) and deliver the full solution from waste auditing, identification and assessments right through to the collection of waste, recycling, recovery and destruction of business waste. Critically, with our precious metals focus, we view precious-metal bearing waste as a resource and are ideally placed to provide highly cost-effective solutions to our customers, often resulting in rebates for materials that previously represented costly waste streams.

  • X-Rays and x-ray film recycling and recovery – Betts Envirometal are experts in this field and our offering includes secure archive storage facilities, culling unwanted X-ray film, state of the art refining capabilities and secure X-ray destruction. Our x-ray film recycling and recovery solutions can lead to business income from silver recovery as well s the associated collection, shredding (or storing) and destruction of all related medical records and data. From industrial film destruction to medical waste recycling – we cover it all.
  • Circuit Board Recovery and Recycling – We offer a free sample and assay service for your circuit board disposal. Recycling PCBs and recovering precious metals from printed circuit boards can provide an additional income stream from business waste materials. Circuit boards can include a number of base metals that can be repurposed and recovered for business including silver, gold, copper, palladium and in some instances platinum. If you have questions on the area of e waste you may find our e waste recycling infographic useful.
  • Silver and other precious metal recovery & Recycling services – With 250 years of experience we are the UK leading company for silver recovery and recycling and experts in the precious metals field. You will be surprised by the types of industries that we can recover precious metals from including; ceramic, dental, healthcare, photographic, industrial, printing and many more – if you are unsure about precious metals within your business waste, call our expert team today on 0121 233 2413

Why Betts Envirometal?

This is where Betts Envirometal comes to the fore, as unlike waste brokerage firms, we operate our own fully permitted sites, cutting out the middle man and allowing us to offer you the very best rate. We handle all the paperwork and are accredited with ISO9001 and ISO14001 giving you the assurance that you are dealing with an industry leading organisation.

We’ll guide you through the best practices and keep you informed about the movement of your business waste.

To get a quote or simply find out what Betts Envirometal can do for you, contact us.