Using the waste management hierarchy

The hierarchy sets out, in order of priority, the waste management options you should consider:

waste management hierarchy Reduction

The most sustainable and environmentally friendly option for waste management, Reducing the total amount of waste produced is not only beneficial for the environment but it also reduces the overall cost involved with other alternatives, from transport, unnecessary recycling costs and landfill space. Small changes in how you handle packaging or storage can have very significant benefits for your overall business.


Betts Envirometal endeavour to reuse containers and storage whenever possible, cleaning and reusing chemical storage containers is more cost effective and  this helps cut back on unnecessary costs of production. When Storing and transporting chemicals in reusable containers it is important to clean the containers thoroughly or use the same/ compatible chemicals to avoid contamination.


With continuing technical advances in recycling and understanding materials, we are now able to recycle more materials than ever before. This puts us in a great position to cut landfill waste and overall waste disposal costs. Plastics, cardboard, paper, metals and even solvents are all recycled by Betts Envirometal.


For materials like inks & oils which cannot be recycled or reused we can use to produce energy instead of simply disposing of them.


The last resort for waste management, landfills are the least environmentally friendly option for handling waste produce, greener and more sustainable options will always be sourced by us before considering disposal of a waste material. When handling any waste material it is always best to start with our hierarchy in mind and evaluate if your materials can be re-used or recycled, with the ultimate goal of reducing your waste as a whole.

As early as 2011, whenever you pass waste on to someone else, you will have to declare on the waste transfer note, or consignment note for hazardous waste, that you have applied the waste management hierarchy.

You must also include on the waste transfer note the 2007 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code of the person transferring the waste and you should continue to use the 2003 SIC codes on hazardous waste consignment notes.

If you have an environmental permit for an operation which generates waste, you will have to apply the waste management hierarchy. This will be a condition of new environmental permits, and will be added to existing permits when they are reviewed.