X Ray Film Recycling and X Ray Recovery Services for Business

Due to our long established presence, we are able to offer secure archive storage facilities,  film destruction and refining capabilities. We pride ourselves in delivering a unique silver recovery service from the destruction of your photographic X-ray films.

Betts Envirometal is also able to offer a secure archive storage solution for your x-rays and records at rates other storage companies can’t match. We are accredited ISO9001,ISO14001 and ISO27001 giving you the assurance that you are dealing with an industry leading organisation.

Storing or archiving these files in a responsible manner is all the more important for businesses considering the requirements of international laws surrounding data protection. Our secure X-ray storage services can give you peace of mind in this key area of x-ray film management.

X-ray destruction

When the time comes for you to undertake Medical X-ray film destruction, we are uniquely placed to handle everything, from collection to culling, to destruction, onto  silver recovery through our own  refining plant.

Using our own plant allows us to minimise your storage and destruction costs and in most cases deliver a financial return to the customer via a rebate generated from the silver recovered from the film. Over the course of many hundreds or thousands of records, this could lead to a significant return.

As well as offering the most complete and financially viable service available for x ray management, storage and destruction, Betts Envirometal also offers the most environmentally sound destruction method available; our process does not involve incineration and delivers fully recyclable outputs.

For hospitals producing fixer and developer solutions, we can install a silver recovery unit to extract silver on site with various buy or rent options available. For more information see our products page or contact us.

X-Ray Film Recycling Services

There are many types of x ray films that can be recycled, reused and/or recovered for potential business gains. One of the most frequently requested x ray services is for medical film and x ray materials from the healthcare sector – this can include lithographic and industrial films.

There are many industries that produce x ray waste that requires professional waste management including dental practices, photography, veterinary and even ceramic production. If you are would like to chat to one of our experts about the practical or legal requirements for the collection, recycling and recovery of x ray waste speak to our team today.

Benefits of X-ray film recycling

There are a number of tenable benefits to ensuring that any X-ray materials held by your business are safely disposed of, by a company with sufficient X-ray recycling expertise. On the simplest level, outsourcing your X-ray recycling needs to a company such as ours will enable the application of specialist expertise towards another potential business revenue stream through recovery of precious metals from x-ray waste.

As a professional and industry leading waste management company, recycling and recovery is our field, and we have an enviable degree of experience in the area; we can dispose of or recycle X-ray film in an efficient manner, both in terms of speed, and the quality and environmentally friendliness of the finished product. Our award winning experience and skill also ensures that you’ll receive the maximum potential we can offer your business for any precious materials recovered from the recycling process.</