Storage: X-Ray Films

We are experts in X-ray storage and disposal.

We are often told that clients who use other film storage solutions cannot afford to dispose of files once they have entered into an agreement because of the high costs of retrieval and disposal, so they end up paying for storage costs year after year when the files have reached the end of their life.

We offer a bespoke solution that could mean that X-ray recycling is completely FREE OF CHARGE, inclusive of destruction and in some cases, we could end up paying YOU!

We grant immediate access and retrieval for any film storage files and offer maximum security.

Our X-ray film recycling solutions are designed to be cost effective and will enable you to comply with your legal and regulatory obligations, necessary for X-ray disposal.

Many of our competitors are incentivised to retain your film storage for as long as possible and make it very costly to dispose of film which no longer needs to be stored. As we have our own silver recovery and refining capabilities, our interests are in processing film as soon as it reaches the end of its required storage period, minimising storage costs for our customers.

This aim to keep film storage durations to a minimum in order to recycle the X-ray film as soon as the legal retention period is completed means that, unlike our competitors, our interests are fully aligned with those of our customers.

X- Ray Film Recycling services

There are many types of X ray films that can be recycled, reused and/or recovered for potential income gains. One of the most frequently requested x ray services is for medical film and x ray materials from the healthcare sector – this can include lithographic and industrial films.

There are many industries that produce x ray waste that requires professional waste management, including dental practises, photography, veterinary and even ceramic production. If you would like to chat with one of our experts about the practical or legal requirements for the collection, recycling and recovery of x ray waste then speak to our team today.