Storage: NDT Records

We have worked with various NDT companies for many years and understand the importance legislation places on the accuracy of the records required and the length of time necessary to keep them. We have a unique storage facility, especially designed to keep these records safe and secure.

From the moment we collect the records we will ensure that they are assigned a unique bar code that will enable any file to be tracked and securely located, so that if you wish to retrieve, we can action immediately.

X-ray film is our speciality and we will ensure it is stored in the right conditions through to final destruction, when we can offer bespoke solutions to ensure you do not have costly disposal charges.

As we specialise in recovering precious metals from wastes, unlike our competitors, we are focussed on recycling x-ray film as soon as its retention period is complete.  This means our interests are exactly aligned with those of our customers.  Storage costs will be kept to a minimum and we are generally able to provide significant rebates once NDT film comes ready for destruction, unlike many other storage companies who levy severe penalties for removing film from storage.