Storage: Medical Records

From the moment we collect your data for archiving to the moment that it is destroyed at the end of its life cycle we ensure that security is paramount.

We will ensure each file has a unique reference and location at our bespoke storage facility, which means that you can retrieve any file exactly when you want it and we will ensure this is delivered to you exactly when you need it.

We have the accreditation to ensure that our storage facilities are totally secure and that our staff, who are criminal records bureau (CRB) cleared,  are trusted and trained to maintain the confidentiality required. We are accredited to ISO standards 27001, 9001 and 14001 and our integrity is based on our 250 year history.


We have experienced long and successful relationships with many major health organisations throughout the UK, such as NHS Trusts and private hospitals, both with s X-Ray storage services and the recovery of precious metals from X-Rays. References can be provided on request.

Medical records are amongst the most precious data kept on record, so don’t take any risks with yours. As well as losing integrity, you might also encounter legal problems, with respect to data protection agreements and more.

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