Storage: Industrial Records

We treat your records as if they were our own.

Recent government rules and legislation means it is imperative that your Industrial records are kept securely and are available at very short notice.  With ever changing technology it is vital that accurate records are retained throughout changing practices and processes.

How the process works

We give each record a unique tracking number, so from collection through to any retrievals,  we know exactly where they are. Importantly this means that you can relax and free up that much needed space in your office or industrial workplace.

We can get your industrial records back to you exactly when needed and when they have finished their shelf life we can destroy them for you. This ensures that your data is always in our hands from collection through to destruction.

You will receive a certificate of destruction to confirm that they have been been shredded and destroyed along with a detailed environmental report detailing the materials recycled. Your information will never be passed to a third party during this entire process.

Our large Industrial  customers are particularly pleased with the increased efficiences our storage solution offers. It enables information to be retrieved quickly and ensures the data is kept securely, so is readily available for regulatory compliance.

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