We offer a total solution for your confidential and secure off site storage.

Our trained and trusted staff will collect your files.  These can be already boxed, or we can do this for you and supply boxes. All the files will be barcoded into our system and checked again when they are delivered at our bespoke, secure storage facility. Each record will then be allocated a unique reference and location, so if you want to retrieve a file, it can be immediately accessed.

Once received at our secure, storage facility, your records are stored away in a dry, clean and fully monitored environment.

We take your confidentiality extremely seriously, which is why CCTV monitors the premises and is why we are accredited to  ISO’s 27001, 9001 and 14001 standards. We keep a comprehensive audit trail of all document movements, from receipt through to any retrievel and ultimate destruction. We then provide a destruction certificate, with all documents shredded, destroyed and then recycled.

We already store X-ray film and medical records for a number of Medical institutions (NHS) and confidential files for privately owned businesses. We can offer bespoke solutions for X-Ray film storage with eventual silver recovery and certified destruction.

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