Betts Envirometal is an established organisation that undertakes the records management and secure destruction of photographic x-rays and other records for some of the largest NHS trusts and companies in the country.

Due to our long established presence and exposure to a wide variety of customers, we have the ability to deliver a tailor made storage solution together with  film destruction and refining capabilities. Our unique service offering allows us to offer extremely competitive rates, particularly when dealing with x-ray storage as our expertise in silver recovery can help offset ongoing storage costs whilst delivering a cost neutral destruction service.

Benefits of secure document storage for business

In the same way as with our industry leading confidential document destruction service, the benefits of utilising our accredited secure document storage service are the absolute discretion and expertise that we bring to the task. All of our staff members are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB); we take our position of trust very seriously when it comes to confidential or sensitive information. Our staff also have the training necessary to handle hazardous or potentially dangerous materials.

Storage logistics and process

While the precise details of our storage process are detailed elsewhere on this website, the basics are that we secure and identify documents upon arrival at our secure facilities, protecting them from both damage and unwanted study, while also ensuring that they are easy to relocate when necessary.

All x-ray storage records are tracked from point of collection through to our storage facilities. Each one is then uniquely identified, ensuring retrieval is completed speedily.

We have various storage facilities located in the UK so you will never be far from one. Our service already puts these collection and delivery costs into the equation.

For hospitals producing fixer and developer solutions we can install a silver recovery unit to extract silver on site with various buy or rent options available. For more information see our products page or give us a call. No storage job is too large or too small – find out how we can help, today.

We are accredited ISO9001,ISO14001 and ISO27001  giving you the assurance that you are dealing with an industry leading organisation.