Hazardous Waste Disposal, Collection and Legislation

We have the licences, equipment, capabilities and resources to meet all your obligations for Environmental legislation and the disposal of hazardous waste.

Some kind of hazardous waste is produced by virtually every company.  When you consider that the description of hazardous waste is – waste that is “deemed harmful to public health, or to the environment”, it is easy to understand why the implications of its disposal are so far-reaching.

It is important to remember that hazardous wastes aren’t necessarily generated immediately, some are developed over an extended period of time.

The Betts Envirometal offering

Betts Envirometal has a nationwide fleet of licensed vehicles and operations which can handle transport and disposal of your  hazardous waste. Regardless of how much waste you generate,  you will have peace of mind that we are totally compliant with all regulations and that we work closely with the Environment Agency.

At Betts Envirometal we pride ourselves on rapid responses and excellent customer service. We have fully licensed transfer stations, which means we meet all legislation in how we collect, transport and treat the disposal of hazardous wastes: we will even help you with all the necessary paperwork.

Our experienced team of customer service co-ordinators, logistic managers, qualified chemists, drivers and factory operatives will ensure we take all the hassle out of collecting and the disposal of  hazardous wastes.

Disposal of Hazardous Waste

There are a number of different types and classifications of hazardous waste and at Betts Envirometal we can give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision based on the best practises and legal requirements you have as a UK business. Some of the most frequently seen producers of waste classified as hazardous include: construction and building, agriculture, demolition, logistics, automotive and retail (although not exclusively)

As a business generating hazardous waste needing to be disposed of, you should have a responsibility officially referred to as your “Duty of Care” to ensure that any waste you are accountable for (that you handle as a business or produce as a business) does not result in any harm or damage. You can find out more information on business and commercial waste on the Gov.uk website here.

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