With budgetary constraints being implemented in most companies and the instigation of increased waste management and records management legislation, cost effective solutions and strategies are necessary.

We have vast experience in the records management industry and are able to offer bespoke solutions to ensure you are legislatively compliant whilst bearing in mind the emphasis on cost savings.

At Betts Envirometal we like to take a “hands on” approach and we will provide a dedicated Account Manager who will be responsible for ensuring that we are giving a service tailored to your particular requirements.  This Account Manager will be able to offer bespoke solutions and give advice on current legislation whilst helping you to develop and apply suitable storage options and a total waste management strategy.

If you have any questions regarding waste management, our practices, services or queries about your waste, these expert Account Managers will be on hand when you need them.

Betts Envirometal Accounts Managers are experienced operators who are keen to provide a solution that will ensure you are compliant with all statutory legislation whilst ensuring your individual business needs and costs are taken into account.

Get in touch with the team today to discuss our many kinds of waste management consultancy or learn more about one of our services in more detail today.