Confidential Shredding

Betts Envirometal delivers a UK nationwide service from collection to secure destruction for all confidential material.

Whether it is business intelligence from private companies, medical records or personal data from public services, you are legally bound to handle, store or destroy confidential information responsibly.

Why is confidential shredding so important to businesses?

It’s easy to just throw documents away and forget about them, but it’s important to realise that, unless comprehensively and confidentially destroyed, the information contained on these discarded documents could easily be discovered and appropriated by a third party, potentially causing damage to your business and professional relationships.

It is also important to bear in mind that is a legal obligation to handle, store or destroy confidential information responsibly; whether the source is business intelligence from private companies, medical records, or personal data from public services.

Why choose Betts Envirometal?

We work closely with the Environment Agency and hold all the relevant licenses which ensure we adhere to current legislation and can offer a complete service. This means all your materials are kept safe and secure from receipt up to eventual destruction.  All of our staff are checked by the Criminal Records Burea (CRB) and there is absolutely no sub-contracting.

The shredding and destruction process is as simple as you would expect; the  value of our service in this instance is the management of large amounts of waste documents, as well as a peerless level of security and discretion when dealing with the both the storage and destruction of the sensitive documents in question. Ultimately, the leakage of sensitive documentation can be seen as equally as hazardous to a company’s well-being as dangerous chemicals can be to the environment; keeping this in mind, avoidance to any potential risk is important.

Our service includes:

As a service partner, we are able to minimise the risk to our customers, delivering peace of mind and ensuring  that all your secure destruction requirements will be dealt with in a professional and compliant manner.

Once your material has been securely destroyed, Betts Envirometal will endeavour to ensure as much as possible of the remaining residue material is recycled and utilised for re-manufacture into new products.

You will also be issued with a certificate of destruction.     Enquire Today