Circuit Board Recovery

As precious metal prices continue to rise, Betts Envirometal can offer excellent returns on your PCB’s.(printed circuit boards).

Circuit boards of all sizes exist across billions of devices worldwide – from the very small, such as smartphones, with their precious elements – to the very large, like desktop PCs, containing many thousands of common electrical components and metals.

Free sample and assay service for your circuit board disposal

We offer a free sample and assay service for your circuit board disposal. PCB’s vary in their content of precious metal, some have very little precious metals whereas others contain a good amount which makes them very valuable. We ensure that 100% of the board is recycled at our factory and as we are the UK experts in precious metal recovery, you can be assured that we use the most effective methods possible, giving you the best returns.

This comprehensive and efficient approach ultimately benefits both our customers and the environment; as the efficient breaking down of circuit boards minimises the number of harmful by-products produced, and therefore from finding their way into the environment after the fact; while also ensuring maximum yield and purity in regards to the precious metals and chemicals recovered during the process, maximising financial benefits.

Broadly speaking the process of recycling PCBs (which is covered in much greater detail here) consists of three steps; the separation of metals from the other PCB material, the sorting of useful/valuable metals from the other metals, with the remaining material being further treated and/or recycled to minimise any negative environmental impact.

We are fully licensed with the Environment Agency and have a fleet of vehicles, nationwide, that can collect and transport your PCB waste. With our experience and reputation for reclaiming precious metals, you can be assured of a speedy, honest and efficient evaluation of your waste.

Please note that we do process volume amounts of circuit boards:, we can’t accept individual boards.

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