Betts Envirometal Process Flow

We hold all the necessary licenses to ensure we comply with the current legislation, we are also accredited with ISO 14001 environmental, ISO 9001 2000 and ISO 27001 standards. This compliance and accreditations together with over 250 years of refinining precious metals experience and excellent staff training, means that in our factories we have developed excellent techniques and practises to ensure that our refining methods delivers the most efficient and effective returns for our customers. The practises we have developed means we are capable of processing almost anything containing precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium and more. We are experts in dealing with printed circuit boards (PCB’s)- X-Rays – chemicals – printing waste to name a few. We deal with many industry sectors, including medical (NHS), electronics, electroplating, printing and photgraphic trades to name a few.

For your information we have shown the process flow for several types of waste management.

Film Recycling Process

Betts Enviromental specialise in film recycling and this video shows you the process. We work through a detailed 8 stage process in order to fully recycle any films that we are passed.

Throughout the stages of film recycling we have three processes where we can recycle other materials. For example during the stripping stage, we can extract cardboard for recycling and similarly with the silver recovery and refining stages we can extract plastic and silver to ensure that we can recycle a majority of the materials in films.

As environmental recycling specialists we aim to ensure that all waste is managed and sorted the best that it can be to get maximum reusable material from our processes.


PCB Disposal Process

In this video, you’ll see the different elements that are combined to make the solutions disposal process.

The solutions disposal process consists of seven key processes, which are collection, analysis, activation, precipitation, filtration, drying and refining. They are undertaken in that exact order. These processes are followed by the extraction of silver and gold.


Solutions Disposal Process

When disposing of printed circuit boards (PCB), Betts Enviromental comprehensively adheres to waste regulations while ensuring that customers are presented with the best returns possible.

We pride ourselves on our ability to safely dispose of PCBs while removing the most valuable components. Although the process is a highly complicated one, it can be summarised in seven steps.

The first one starts at collection, where our highly specialised team collect the printed circuit boards and evaluate them. Next, plastics and foreign elements are stripped out and safely disposed of. Following this, the PCBs are placed through a rigorous system involving precipitation, filtration, and eventually drying.

After all this, they are refined and the gold contained within can be easily gathered by our experts. For more information about how our team can benefit you, please get in touch today. You can also find out more about PCB disposal and recovery on our site.