Chemical Waste

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The environmental impact of chemical waste

The different forms of chemical waste that have found their way into the environment can cause a variety of wide ranging problems, with the specific symptoms and ultimate effects of the problem varying from situation to situation.

The one common connection between all of these is that the unregulated dumping of chemical waste into the environment is extremely damaging to nature and humanity; in many cases the scale of the damage will not be known for years, or even decades. The destructive effect of these chemicals can affect species for generations, humans included, so it is absolutely imperative that chemical waste is disposed of in a responsible manner.

Chemical waste laws and regulations

As you would no doubt expect, there is a great deal of legislation in the UK in regards to the safe and responsible disposal of waste; with the wide range of environmental damage that unregulated disposal of chemical waste can inflict, these laws are also necessarily detailed and strict.

Many of the current waste regulations enforced by the UK government are aimed at instituting and reinforcing a hierarchy of all generated waste, which can be broadly categorised into 5 different groups, based on the efficiency with which they can be disposed; and the environmental impact that such a disposal will have. At the top of the hierarchy are materials that can be easily reused and re-purposed with minimal effort, while the bottom of the hierarchy features materials and waste which are essentially impossible to recycle or re-purpose; which will cause the least damage if simply left in a landfill.

Chemical waste disposal process for business

There is no one single process for the safe and effective disposal of chemical waste; the process that we would choose to implement is decided based on a number of different factors; the most important being the variety of chemical waste in question, and the environmental hazard that it poses.

If a material can be safely recycled or re-purposed, there are a number of ways that we can facilitate this, depending on cost and the specific chemical makeup of the material; and the techniques utilised for the destruction of materials are decided in much the same manner.