Ask The Experts

With over 250 years in the precious metals industry and with a highly trained and experienced team, we truly are EXPERTS in our fields of precious metal recovery, the removal of hazaradous wastes and our ability to offer safe and secure storage facilities.

Betts Envirometal are here to help you work through the complex regulations and come up with cost effective and compliant solutions to your waste and storage needs.

We have several licensed sites in the UK, so are never far away from our customers.

Betts Envirometal are particularly experienced in recovering precious metal from many industries waste, such as Electronic, Electroplating, Medical (NHS), Photographic and Printing.  Our sites are fully licensed and we have many industry accreditations and can provide testimonials. We are proud of our staff, all of whom are Criminal Bureau Checked (CRB) and have extensive training.

As a UK leader in providing unique solutions for precious metal containing waste, we offer a bespoke consultancy to ensure you are getting the best solution from your waste, this at no obligation to you. We can also offer bespoke storage facilities, easy and speedy retrieval and secure and certifciated destruction processes.

Contact us for further advice or guidance on your waste disposal or storage requirements.