Meet The Team

At Betts Envirometal we have an unrivalled team of experts which make us a market leader in total waste management solutions within the UK. We have our our factory in The Midlands as well as our sales and management team based in Birmingham.

In this section of our site, you can access information on the Betts Envirometal management team, business development, waste management operations and logistics, contracts, business waste services, refining and much more.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions and want to know more, ask our waste management experts today.

Charles Betts of Betts Envirometal

Charles Betts


Charles is the Managing Director of the Stephen Betts Group, and is responsible for the commercial strategy for all areas of the Stephen Betts Group including Stephen Betts refiners, Betts Envirometal, Betts Metal Sales and Charles Booth. Charles is the 9th generation of the Betts family to run the precious metals business.

Garry farmer of Betts Envirometal

Garry Farmer

General Manager

Garry has worked for Betts Envirometal for 5 years and gained COTC (WAMITAB) in 2010. He is responsible for operations and has experience in introducing management procedures and Health & Safety protocols. Before joining Envirometal he worked as operations manager in the production sector for 18 years. Garry leads a strong team at our central factory and is an expert in hazardous waste handling and disposal

Karen Martin of Betts Envirometal

Karen Martin

Director & Group Sales Manager

Karen is a Director and Group Sales Manager for the Stephen Betts Group and is responsible for coordinating sales strategy in Betts Envirometal. She has been in the precious metals business for over 25 years. Her team is full of precious metals experts also, this is important when determining the value of waste and the rebate that can be given back.

Mel Newcombe of Betts Envirometal

Melanie Newcombe

Business Development Co-ordinator

Melanie is a Business Development Co-ordinator with the Stephen Betts Group, and has worked for the company for over twelve years. Melanie has spent 25 years working in the precious metal industry. Melanie has particular expertise as far as waste in the NHS is concerned and she looks after a number of key accounts. Melanie finds out how much precious metal waste is worth to our customers, she arranges for the representative in specific areas to visit and loo at quotations for transport, culling and then they can determine how much rebate can be given back.

Vince Merrick

Group TCM

Vince has been with the Stephen Betts Group since 2006. He is a TCM (Technically competent Manager) at our Midlands Factory and also manages the Yard. Vince checks all the hazardous waste off the daily collections and ensures they are all treated and stored in the correct manner. Vince carries out the dip testing on any fixer we collect to test the amount of silver in the mix. If there is any rebate due to our customers, Vince double checks the amount that is due. Vince holds a WAMITAB certificate.

Ben McLaughlin of Betts Envirometal

Ben McLaughlin

Refining Assistant

Ben has worked at Betts for over twelve years and in that time he has worked in all areas of the waste processing and refining facility. He holds an ADR licence for the transport of hazardous waste and a fork truck licence. Ben is such a good all-rounder, he understands exactly how to handle and process all precious metal bearing waste so our customers can realise the best returns

Cathy Law

Contracts Manager

Cathy has been part of the Betts team for over 28 years and in this time she has worked in all areas of the business selling products and services. Now working primarily for Envirometal and specialising in the NDT and NHS, she has vast experience in providing tailor made services to suit our customers x-ray film, silver recovery and storage needs. Cathy is often the first person you will speak to, she ensures that all our customers needs are met and that the right expert is put in touch with you. Cathy looks after a majority of our major accounts